Amethyst Holistic Beauty Retreat offers beauty treatments, including aromatherapy facials and body massages.

We offer an extensive range of treatments from basic beauty, Holistic Therapies and specialist treatments including micropigmentation and line fillers as practiced by our fully qualified nurse.

Special offers and promotions are listed here - these change frequently, so please come back and visit our website regularly to find a beauty bargain!

Our treatments aren't just for the ladies either - we have dedicated 'Just for Men' beauty treatments. Why not bring your partner along before that special day?

Guinot Salon Treatments

Guinot is one of our chosen products for body and facial treatments. They are a French company based in Paris and use natural ingredients such as plant extracts and essential oils, as well as amino acids, collagen and cell building properties to help improve the deeper tissue layers.

This in turn improves the appearance of fine lines, age spots, scarring and pigmentation. We have many 'hands on' or mechanical facials in this range and body treatments for relaxation, pregnancy or detox.

Guinot's latest lifting facial, the Hydradermie lift, uses micro and faradic currents to gently stimulate the muscles of the face in order to firm and tighten them over a period, usually 2 treatments per week for 4 or 6 weeks depending on lifestyle, age and skin condition. Maintenance is monthly thereafter.

Jan Marini - Voted the Best Skin Care System Sold in a Doctor's Office

Jan Marini is another of the products we use for facials.

A completely different style of approach.

This uses Glycolic acid to strip away superficial layers of dead skin build up to aid in the renewal and reconstruction of new, brighter skin.

All types of skin condition can be treated this way from excess oil and acne to extreme sun damage or scarring and deep lines.

Again, courses of treatments are recommended for the best results. This product is also highly endorsed by our resident Harley Street trained nurse whose own treatments benefit highly from the home use of these products pre and post treatment.

Aromatherapy Associates

Aromatherapy Associates are our preferred product for all our aromatherapy facials and body massages.

The company started in London and I (Lisa) am proud to say that I was trained by none other than the founder, Geraldine Howard herself over 15 years ago.

Their pre-blended oils use up to 10 or even more different essential oils to make the perfect oil remedy for any condition, whether it be emotional or physical. Within the treatment range are facials, massages and other body treatments for detox or even jet lag.

C.A.C.I. (Computor Aided Cosmetology Instrument)

C.A.C.I. (Computor Aided Cosmetology Instrument), is the most publicised non - surgical face lift treatment available to salons. Our CACI Quantum not only produces fantastic results for the face but also can incorporate full body toning or slimming at the same time! Courses of these are 10 - 15 for the face and 10 for the body at a rate of two per week.

Part of the CACI family of treatments is another facial machine used to treat the deeper wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scarring and blemishes called Chromaclear. It uses a combination of vacuum massage, microdermabrasion and phototherapy (red light) to produce clinically proven results. 10 to 30 treatments recommended at one per week, depending on the condition being treated.

Combine both chromaclear and CACI and achieve superb results.

Inside Our Salon

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